Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften
– Journal for the Geological Sciences
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  Publisher: Verlag für Geowissenschaften, Berlin

Hinw­eise für Autoren

General Instructions­­­­­

The journal Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften publishes preferably original papers in English and German dealing the whole area of geology. Primary type of contribution is the Article, which is a longer scientific report of national or international interests. A Short Communication may be used for rapid publication of preliminary scientific results, finding informations or descriptions of outcrops. Authors are invited to submit a Discussion on an paper previously published in the journal. The copyright to the published paper is transferred to Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften effective after accep­tance the manuscript for publication.

Contact Address­­

Manuscripts and correspondence should be addressed to: ­
­Verlag für Geowissenschaften ­
Ulrich Wutzke,
Rebhuhnwinkel 42,
D-16356 Ahrensfelde, Germany
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Review Process­

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by referees. The reviewers are appointed by the editors. Suggestions by the author/s can be considered.

Manuscript Preparation

Papers must be prepared according to the recommendations made by Horatschek; Schubert (1998): "Richtlinie für die Verfasser geowissenschaftlicher Veröffentlichungen" (ISBN 3-510-95820-9). Manuscripts that fail to meet the requirements will be rejected.

Manuscripts must be submitted electonically and as hardcopy (paper manuscript). The hardcopy submission requires four copies. Papers submitted as Articles should not exceed 20 printed pages (e.g. about 30 A4-size pages, double spaced and using Times 10). Short communications and Discussions are limited up to three printed pages (e.g. about 5 A4-size pages, double spaced and using Times 10).

Manuscripts will be published predominantly in English or German. For submission of papers in other languages please contact the editors. Manuscripts prepared in German must have an English translation of the title, abstract and legends of figures, tables and plates. A German translation of these parts is recommended for papers in English.


It is recommended to structure the manuscript as followed and to start each item on a separate page:

  1. Title - Name - Address
  2. Abstract
  3. Text (including Introduction - Methods - Results - Summary) - Acknowledgement
  4. References
  5. Figures
  6. Tables
  7. Plates


Electronic manuscripts must be submitted in common file formats. If possible, figures and tables should be included within these document, but they also may be submitted separately. Neither split words at the and of the line, nor use the word splitting option of the text software.

Hardcopy submissions must be double-spaced and printed on one side only of standard-sized paper (A4 or 8 ½ × 11 inch). All margins must be at least 2,5 cm (1 inch).

Figures, Plates and Tables

Within the text, refer to line drawings or photographs as figures (i.e. Fig.). Illustrations on plates must be named as figures (Fig.) or profiles (Profiles). Each plate starts with Fig.1 or Profile 1. All figures, plates and tables must be submitted on separate pages. The name of the author and the illustration number must be written on the back of each illustration. The top of an illustration must be indicated.

Figures, plates and tables should have a line weight and lettering suitable for reduction to the type area of 16.5 × 22.3 cm or less. Figures and tables also should fit a one-column width: 8.0 cm (ca. 3 inches). The position of illustrations in the text should be indicated.

Graphics (line drawings) can be submitted as hand-drawn or computer-generated illustrations. Pixel-based lineart figures must be supplied in TIFF format at a resolution not less than 600 dpi.

Photographs should have good contrast and be sharp. Slides and glossy prints with a typical size of 13 × 18 cm will be accepted. Electronically submitted halftones must be provided at the proper resolution. Normally, the optimal resolution is about 300 dpi.


The corresponding author will receive 25 free reprints.



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