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    Welcome to the bilingual Website of the Journal for Geological Sciences – Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften (ZGW) – launched in July 2008. The Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften is an independent journal. It is non-restrictively open to every author and reader and feels constrained to the tradition of the geological sciences in terms of Leopold von Buch. The ZGW is published by the Verlag für Geowissenschaften Berlin (with branch in Ahrensfelde). The publisher is Ulrich Wutzke. To read more, go to “About the Journal”.
    The Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften publishes original papers in English and German in all fields of geoscience. We provide a forum for original work in the form of research articles and short communication papers, as well as discussions on previously published papers and book reviews. Each manuscript is peer-reviewed by two referees. Authors are invited to moot scientific contributions of general, national and international interest.

    Manuscript submissions and/or messages may be sent directly to the Publisher.

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    The Journal is indexed in:  GeoRef, Chemical Abstracts, Scopus and Geoline.


    ­Our former Webdomain “www.zeitschrift-fuer-geologische-wissenschaften.de” has been retired. The bygone domain “www.zeitschrift-fuer-geologische-wissenschaften.de” does not represent our Journal for the Geological S­ciences,
    Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, its editorial board, or its publisher, Verlag für Geowissenschaften Berlin.

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